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The Secret Garden gets Purpose for our website

Welcome to our Blog page on our NEW website, as well as a small refresh of The Secret Garden brand! We are new to blogging, but we have so many stories to share about managing a wedding venue in the Midlands, we thought this would be a good way to share them.

To kick things off, we thought would tell you a little bit about our experience with Helen De Villiers, from Purpose Marketing & Strategy.

Over the last year or so, we have started a few new projects, with some exciting additions coming onto the Secret Garden package. We thought it only fit that we update our website to reflect the direction we are trying head into. Our aim was to build a site that was , clean, precise , not too much info overload, and as Helen said - Give the potential client what they looking for in about 5 clicks or less.

We think we have achieved that goal.

Whenever you let someone into your circle to offer you new ideas, there is always scepticism. Will they get what we about? Will they come up with something we like? Will they waste our time? Will they be too expensive for us.......and so it goes on!

From the second meeting onward , we knew we had found a new member of our team. Helen picked up our wave length quickly. She understood what we were about, and what we were trying to achieve. Her main aim was to give us more " purpose " which might sound a bit corny or even be a cliche, but we honestly feel like she has given us a "shot in the arm" we have been looking for, without realising we needed it. So for that, Helen, we thank you.

We hope you like the look & feel of  the website we have been working on for the last couple of weeks. We are always open to feedback, so drop us a line or a note on FB, and tell what you think.

Team SG



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