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Gypsy - The Dog !

Couple of months ago, a dog appeared under our trees at The Secret Garden. She looked very tired, worn , malnourished and had a bad limp on the back leg.

We left her for a couple days, hoping she would move on, as she wasn't the first stray dog to be moving through our area.

Her injury seemed to have the better of her, so she spent days sleeping far away under distant trees & bushes, trying to recover her strained leg. We left food & water out for her, but she wasn't very interested in it & wouldn't let us get close to her to assess her condition.

It got to a point where we needed to call the SPCA to take her away, as her health was becoming a concern, and we also didn't know what her rabies status was. We called the SPCA on Saturday morning to arrange a pick up on the Monday morning, and that very afternoon, some guests staying with us for a wedding, started to make friends with her and manage to coaxed her in for some meaty snacks. We too, started to make friends with her & managed to build up her confidence in human contact. Very quickly, she started to trust us and come in for more food.

Monday morning, the SPCA came around to collect her, and we asked if we could keep her. They took her away to get sterilized & up to date with her rabies as well as check her back leg, which had now seemed to have somewhat healed. She returned a few days later, happy to see us !

It has been a few months now, and " Gypsy " the wandering dog, has now become a resident at

The Secret Garden, assisting us with our security detail , guest ushering as well as being the main member in the chicken bone disposal unit. She is very good at knowing her place and doesn't hassle the guests that are not that into animals but can pick up from a mile away if someone is interested in giving her a good scratch. She is beautiful & healthy and is now a trusted member of our team.

She looks forward to giving you a big greeting & smiles, on your arrival !


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